MSEF Team Enrollment

Registration & Tuition


 2018-19 SEASON
(You can offset the entire cost 

 see WREATH SALE info--->) 

High School Team membership registration 
is OPEN through November 15th**   

MSEF membership tuition.................. $625
(Includes...Refundable Family 

Work Deposit............$100)

DISCOUNT for full payment 

on registration night....$25
Minimum down payment at registration.......$250
**Late registration through 

December 1st ADD $25 late fee

OISRA Membership 

(online payment required).......... $80

VISA and MasterCard accepted

Holiday Wreath Sale


MSEF  offers the opportunity for each team member to offset the ENTIRE  COST of their TUITION and more...  For each $20 Holiday Wreath that you  sell during the MSEF sale - you will EARN $10.  Sell 71 wreaths and you  will be awarded a scholarship reimbursement for the ENTIRE COST of your paid MSEF Team membership tuition  and OISRA membership fee.  

Wreath Sale Opens - September 26th

(MUST pay  the minimum down payment to receive the sale packet)

MSEF Team Jacket


MSEF  provides a high quality Softshell SKI TEAM JACKET (shown here) when you  become a team member for the first time.  This team jacket is intended  to be used by the racer for all 4 years of high  school participation. 

Additional and/or replacement  jackets can be purchased from MSEF for $115 each

Mt Ashland season pass